PJ Parker – Singer Of Jazz

“Stunning … with Dreams Are Meant for Two, PJ Parker has issued a definitive statement of intent: to challenge the heart, to unlock memories, to reinvent the familiar, to entertain. And to do so on her own terms, with her own voice.” PJ’s original songs “suggest PJ Parker has the potential to be a significant songwriter.” – Jazz Police

“PJ Parker has one voice but several personalities on Dreams Are Meant for Two, and each of them lights the dynamite which leaves every track on the album shaken and stirred. Parker is no timid jazz vocalist; she tackles each composition with fiery passion and striking self-confidence … the level of comfort that Parker has with these classic songs is impressive in its depth. She knows them inside and out and is keenly aware of how to make them seem new again.” – All About Jazz

“Her vocal renderings of old standards and new compositions is unique and instantly personal.” Her voice is a “powerful but well restrained instrument.” – Skope Magazine

“Accolades do go to her own “Love is a Logistical Thing.” The catchy lyrics and charming, lightly swinging vocal are a pleasure.”
“(Dreams Are Meant for Two) is a lovely song, full of genuine emotion. She does it justice in her soft, rich voice.” – JazzReview.com

“PJ makes every note and phrase a personal experiment … rises above the sea of promising vocalists as a true jazz singer who warrants serious attention.” – Jazz Police

PJ Parker has a sweet and very musical voice and her singing is full of honest emotions and subtle improvising.” – LA Jazz Scene

“… she is in command, slowly drawing the listener in with an attitude of majestic surrender.” – JazzReview.com

“This is an ‘exercise without a net,’ from which she emerges with much mastery and grace.” – Jazz Hot, Paris, France

“Aching interpretations and sly delights … framed just by the piano and bass, vocalist PJ Parker presents traditional, minimalist jazz, providing the sort of intimate experience you would count yourself lucky to experience in a swank urban watering hole in late December. … the artist brings considerable craft and color to each word and tone, making it a pleasure to absorb the emotional highs and lows … Those who favor sophisticated jazz stylings will find much to love here.” – Christmas Review

“… a recording of distinctive sound, arrangement and virtuosity … Her new digital collection of mostly traditional fare is best enjoyed with a few props–a glass of brandy, a crackling fire, and a close confidante.” – Jazz Police

Blues Nominee


Honorable Mention

2010 17th Annual Billboard Worldwide Song Contest

Jazz Nominee

ISSA Song Contest 2009

Top 10 Finalist


Australia’s 9th Annual Music Oz Awards

”Australia’s premier music awards for unsigned and independent artists.”

Jazz Nominee




Runner-Up for December, 2009

Song of the Year Contest